That Letter today

I wrote to you today, a letter sent
did you get it
Unsure of how it truly works
here in this world
of unknown.

I missed you today
the days are long
they are bright and sunny
if that it was
you dream

It's not the same here
almost feel lost

But not alone. Remember we would talk, about what it would be like?
It is almost dream like, waking up everyday, wondering if I am truly awake, or lost in some netherworld.
Until I realize you are not here, to wake up beside me.
Tis not a dream.

I wrote you a letter today
Did the sun peer in and wake you from your slumber?
Did the snow cover your world, and tuck you in?

Did you hear me laughing down the hall and then walk and remember I am not there.
That was me, my letter to you!
Did the bird catch your eye as you walked pass the door?
Did the colors engulf you and warm your heart?
I am sure you brushed it off
Being silly again.

I wrote you a letter today
So you'd know I am not far.
Still walking beside you
Drying your tears, hugging you close.
In desperation, leaving you moments of thought
however fleeting

Leaving them in moments of happiness
to remember all that is good
your mind is not playing
you are not going mad

I wrote you that letter today.

Jodi L Ouellette (c) 2008


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